Pavlos Poli
Pavlos Poli
Data Analyst/Consultant

About me

Hi! My name is Pavlos Poli and I am a Google Certified Data Analyst and a Certified Management Consultant. I have 20+ years of experience working with data as an analyst, consultant and a decision maker. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA).

I have always been fascinated about data. I am a strong believer of data-driven decision making and eager to tackle complex problems. Analyzing data and finding insights is my expertise.

I have run more than 40 data oriented projects as a management consultant in various industries, and communicated my findings into actionable results.

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Data is everywhere, the possibilities are endless

As a data analyst I collect, clean, interpret and visualize sets of data in order to answer a question or solve a problem. My mission is to improve your results, assist you in making the right decisions and help you work effectively and efficiently.

My favorite tools of the trade are:

  • Spreadsheets: Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets, Power Query, Pivot Tables, Dashboards
  • Programming Languages: SQL, R
  • Data Visualization: Power BI, Tableau, Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets, Microsoft Powerpoint, Think-Cell
  • Relational Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft Access


Descriptive Analysis

I use current and past data to give an account of what has happened. My deliverables are typically presented in reports and visualizations such as dashboards that are easily understood.

Predictive Analysis

I use current and historical data to forecast activity, behavior and trends. It involves applying statistical analysis techniques, data queries and machine learning algorithms to data sets to create predictive models that place a numerical value - or score - on the likelihood of a particular action or event happening.

Prescriptive Analysis

I take all the insights gathered from data analysis, combined with my consulting experience, and use them to form recommendations for how you should act. I basically answer the question, “what should we do about it?”

Data Visualization

With this practice, I provide a quick and effective way to communicate information in a visual form. I can also help you to pinpoint areas that need to be improved or need more attention and make data more memorable for stakeholders.

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Ways to work together

In terms of working arrangements, I am happy to adapt to your needs and the goals you are looking to achieve. 

Remote or in-house

I am happy to work with you in-house (your site) as part of your team, or remotely, checking in with you over online sessions.

Consulting or Leading

I can also provide my services through consulting and coaching your team, or I can take the lead, run specific tasks and produce desirable results for you.


Since my time is finite, I am determined to only take on the volume of work for which I can deliver excellent results – on time.


Daily rates: Starting at €200/day

(Local VAT is not included)

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